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2016 Halloween Event 
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Double Vote Tokens November 1st
-That's right double vote tokens for voting! Help us out and get double the tokens. Please vote daily! The duration for this is undecided but it will run at least a week.

Bonus Donation Credits!
-For 2 week there will be a bonus 50% donation credits awarded when donating!

Halloween Candy!
-During the event if you're wearing a monster costume and slaying monsters you will have a chance to get candy from monsters. The difficulty of the mob generally effects the chance of drop, so harder monsters = more likely chance of getting candy. MVPs also have a VERY high chance of dropping Halloween Candy. This candy can be consumed to disguise you and give you a stat buff for 3 minutes. However, even better, it can be traded into the Halloween Vendor for PERMANENT COSTUMES or COSMETIC HEADGEARS. You can only obtain those two things DURING THE HALLOWEEN EVENT. When the event ends the Halloween Candy will stop dropping, and the Halloween Vendor will vanish. So be sure to get as much of this stuff as you can during the even. More details on the Headgears and Costumes below!

Halloween Market
-Halloween Market! Pretty self explanatory. The market has been changed to have a Halloween theme.

Disguised NPCs
-Some of the market NPCs will have their appearance changed for the duration of the Halloween Event. The monsters also have a different appearance during Halloween as well.

Permanent Darkness
-With Halloween has come permanent darkness. The server will always be night and the sun will never come up, for the duration of the whole event. So any map that has night enabled on it will always be night until the event ends. Sorry Day Ring users! You Night Ring users can celebrate though!

Different Various Market BGM
-The market will have Halloween Themed Music for the duration of the event. It has a basic song that will play when you enter the map, if you're in it for a long enough time it will change. Please note that a new song may start up in the middle of the default song, there isn't really a simple way for me to fix this, but it's a very minor issue. There are a total of 5 BGMs we used.

-Upon logging in, players will get a free monster costume! You need to equip this and kill monsters to get Halloween Candies. You can trade the candy at the event NPC in Caspen for monster costumes and headgears.

Before ----------------------> After
Image Image

Limited Availability Cosmetic Headgear Costumes!
-We've added 15 New Halloween Headgear Costumes! This is on top of the existing 18 from last year totaling 33Halloween Headgear Costumes! These headgears are COSMETIC ONLY and go in the costumes slot, so you can still get the stats from your headgear but have the visual of the Headgear Costume. You will only be able to obtain these during the Halloween Event. Once Halloween ends you cannot obtain these anymore! Unlike costumes you can choose which headgear you want, but they cost more. So get to hunting some Halloween Candy and get the headgears you want! Check them out below. New and old Halloween Costumes are both included.

2016 Costumes:
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

2015 Costumes:

Image Image Image ImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage

2014 Costumes:

Image Image Image ImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage

The following headgears can only be obtained through donation:

2016 Costumes:
Image Image

2015 Costumes:
Image - Animated!
Image - Animated!
Image - Animated!
Image - Animated!

Tue Oct 25, 2016 5:03 pm
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